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For a decade or so I have had an excuse of a website here, the sole objective of which was to turn visitors away with heavy words that could hurt their toes.

People grow. Mostly.

In all these years, I have accumulated a body of work, writings, experiences [some more unorthodox than others], poetic ramblings, travel stories, and other creative thingamajigs, that I have religiously documented in different forms. But one must properly cobble it all together and that takes a bit of time. I am on it.


A segment of my readers might suffer withdrawal symptoms were I to fully erase my idiosyncratic and perhaps even nominally petulant page here [said some; I thought it was cute for that time, circa 2001] — aptly called "Frequently Unanswered Questions" and dubiously abbreviated as FUQ.

To honor these devout friends and bribed followers, all six and a half of you, myself excluded, I’m retaining an old link right here. There be long sentences. Watch your toes.


Hello. I am Shashank Tripathi. But not the silly grunt in New York who showcased some misguided buffoonery with his [not very clever] spoofs of Hurricane Sandy that ripped through the East coast of United States in late Oct 2012. That basically very ordinary individual, who thought he could hide behind the Twitter ID @ComfortablySmug, is unfortunately a namesake.


A Tale of Two Shashank Tripathi’s

To my surprise and chagrin, a publication of Forbes’ stature published a misled story and confidently linked to my website and my LinkedIn profile. Then Salon, Yahoo News, and even CNN on its TV channel, followed suit. It is said that there is no bad PR, but it is hard to savor one’s professional image being smudged in such a cavalier fashion, especially by ‘journalists’ from mainstream media.

Shashank Tripathi Original - NOT ComfortablySmug

And then there are the 14,000 (and counting) people who viewed my mistakenly-linked LinkedIn profile, over a hundred of whom felt it perfectly natural to leave spiteful messages in my inbox. Some of them with pedestrian grammar and most with anonymous handles. Social media can be a powerful tool—it is even an integral part of my daily profession—but the unwarranted and Pavlovian response to trolls is a side of our modern world as woeful as the trolls themselves.

In just the last three days, I have received over a hundred emails from journalists from top newspapers asking me for “Why did you do it.” Right, they really truly want to probe the innards of my psyche.

Poynter, one of the first sources to have ‘broken’ this story, recently posed the question in an equally hurried rush to get some google love:

Whose fault is it that ‘Comfortably Smug’ lies about Hurricane Sandy spread?
Having been on the receiving end of such ineptitude, I can pretty simply answer that question. Who caused the silly meme to spread? YOU did. The writers looking for their latest carrion, and the people up in arms at the slightest hint of skullduggery. You wanted the sensationalism. You got it. Now you want to discuss that sensationalism. It’s amazing what passes for ‘journalism’ these days.

I do not hide behind social pseudonyms. I am the original Shashank Tripathi, not a hack on wall street. Please feel free to write to me.

Meanwhile, hope my friends on the East coast can soon resume their normal lives.

Shashank Tripathi good intentions - I myself am made entirely of flaws, stitched together with good intentions - Augusten Burrough

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